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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 10 2018

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Clues Answers
A father lost home ultimately to a crabby sort! APPLE
A measure of the gold ale taken from the A La Carte CARAT
At a stretch, this is a feast for the swingers to get on first date SPREADEAGLED
Centre doesn’t provide comfort for those in pain HEARTACHE
Childish type has all the symptoms of being rash and embarrassed by nervous excitement? SCARLETFEVER
Describes one of those not in harmony on The Bench OFFPITCH
Fundraiser in very strange state BAZAAR
He may be forward for a singer in a band FRONTMAN
Humiliates absent Thai put out for breakfast MUESLI
Illuminating comment from a college in South American country APERCU
It’s tough for American supporting a woman from JB Keane’s play ABRASIVE
Judge in papers excited over a leader’s injunction? APPRAISE
Juvenile type of Yankee on holiday at hotel YOUTH
Lines up an adaptation in Iberia, for example PENINSULA
Clues Answers
Loves pets? HONEYS
Name of the man in The Queen rests on this THRONE
Not emotionally committed to anyone from the bakery giving out for nothing FANCYFREE
Persecuted old soft media writer OPPRESSED
Power catering for those rather controversially preparing the foie gras FORCEFEEDING
Risk limits chain of evidence CHANCE
Rude detective imprisons one polite type DISCOURTEOUS
Sets up agent, runner and doctor TAMPER
Sets-up old partner with one means of broadcasting from island – it’s an obsession IDEEFIXE
That woman got first for design inside Jersey’s parlour homes? COWSHEDS
Ticket holders perhaps go back and forth on a rainy day WIPERS
Turns up, officer worked the land in Russia and in America in the open air ALFRESCO
Unable to make ends meet with seed money missing some? NEEDY
What the doctor does around hospital ward for a game ROUNDERS