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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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A cry of pain from leverets outside – they never heard these hunters coming. OWLS
Audibly lets loose in old Spanish City, initially. SONIC
Bring out a little red meat, controversially. REVEAL
Careful or the CIA might expose us badly. CAUTIOUS
Curiously, lets on it was ripped off. STOLEN
Dominant bunch chews up candy canes. ASCENDANCY
Edits short, miscellaneous red tops around here and misleads them? MISDIRECTS
From the outset, no chicken will mix with this interloper. CUCKOOINTHENEST
High-flying team lets Ronald join at last. SQUADRON
In all probability, Robin of Loxley and his ilk lie outlandishly. LIKELIHOOD
Intrinsically international life for this long-distance flyer. TERN
It starts floating around as it rises. LIFT
It’s a tall order to pull this lot out of food storage. LARDER
It’s sweet and sounds uplifting. RAISIN
Keep quiet about religious splinter group conversion. SECRET
Little insect might do this with a little 24 down and 23 down. MAYFLY
Manoeuvres apace in Rio demonstrating martial art. CAPOEIRA
Medic and top lawyer in line to meet Queen, perhaps? DRAG
Might Paul have got involved in overthrowing the regime? UPHEAVAL
New king turns out to be the smallest of them all, according to local folklore. WREN
Perhaps wishing they were bound here troubles those who dream. HOMEWARD
Remaining in position, perplexed percussionist abandons process. INSITU
Sings all day for a bit of fun. LARK
Stands on one-leg in ring of fire. FLAMINGO
Tactless leaf-cutter comes to feed again to replenish energy. REFUEL
The colic has her all irritable. CHOLERIC
To measure bird population, Galician starts in northwest Spain. WINGSPAN
Wash-down is in order so we can see through it. SASHWINDOW