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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 12 2018

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Clues Answers
Centurions get no rest on papal mission NUNCIO
Chinese neighbour describes 33 down RUSSIAN
Commuters failing to get Metro from 32 down could be similar SCUM
Content of constant sarcasm of foreign despot TSAR
Enjoyed playing idle over the weekend LIKED
Fair-minded friend missing in the hotel MAID
Fierce, wild extreme climate without frost ICEFREE
Harvester comes to this in failure CROPPER
Has potential to be a smoking gun in The House MORTAR
Heartless family disturbed peace by hanging around the joint KNEECAP
Hector found in bar with primate BABOON
In retrospect, left to give a hand in hospital in Ring, again REDIAL
It’s handed to someone on a plate for party on Fourth of July and that’s only the half of it DOYLY
Local crazy guy promotes academic research of river rat NUTRIA
Lots of enchiladas, for one, with sides in Mexican capital MEAL
One of those from The Hill involved in vigilantism ANT
One of those in 18 down is a little guy with short haircut PAGEBOY
Pressure in keeping back harvest leads to report PAPER
Rhapsodize producing Mercury retrospective taking in all the states in America GUSH
Clues Answers
Risk taker is fashionable, confident and right INSURER
Row involving storyboard characters OAR
See Red is unhappy in revolutionary bar BLOWUP
She isn’t in Flemish picture FILM
Showroom model discovered in pandemonium DEMO
Solomon misses son working in the weaving factory LOOM
Someone on Twitter tweeting on Midsomer Murders perhaps has a lot to say about The Killing CRIMEREPORTER
Sounds like Hell – where everyone robs Peter to pay Paul perhaps? CRIMINALWORLD
Strange role – it is what you’d expect a lounge lizard to do LOITER
Take five from the front off Dart and continue after a break RESTART
Teacher from old college is firm with dry, windy type from Africa SIROCCO
Teaches parable about the thief in the night presumably to those synonymous with sharp practice CRIMINALCLASS
That man covered by outrageous post worked in old philosophy department for no good reason SOPHIST
The great unwashed could be from 8 down, for instance MOB
Tiny portrait lying on the chest as a reminder – just in case! LOCKET
Upstanding type of detective turned over in sleepy place BIPED
Walter Cook takes in Pole – a good-for-nothing WASTREL
Watering hole containing rhubarb BAR
Works out what’s wrong by studying what constitutes a battery, for example CRIMINOLOGIST