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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 14 2018

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Clues Answers
Be prepared for madcap Irishman in Ireland ANTICIPATE
Bill is at the bar before ten – that’s slow for a musician ADAGIO
Check your lines in advance for catches in lough REHEARSE
Gallery type gets letters for Christmas – it’s what you’d expect during the holiday season PICTUREPOSTCARD
Grace O’Malley works presumably on the Crime Wave overseas PIRATE
Guess who’s leaving Burgesses’ Croatian neighbour? SERB
Hatchet man brought in to the cut the dead wood out of Nottingham Forest WOODCUTTER
Holds the beer bottle for Monica Seles CASE
Holy cow! Head Office goes back on word to open letter OHDEAR
It includes Mike from Cork retiring from the force IMPACT
It’s not enough to organise her goats SHORTAGE
Leaves home to be a mentor briefly to family figure starting off TEACADDY
Make rice dish and keep it in the freezer ICEMAKER
Make up one’s mind about old writing in The Examiner ASSESSOR
Clues Answers
New cigar filling left a pungent aroma on the breath GARLIC
Note relates to local fireplace found in the kingdom DINGLE
On the radio Jim Power spills the beans with motivational speeches PEPTALKS
One gives up the ghost by emptying the spirits EXORCISM
One member of overseas Special Forces nearly gets drunk at The Tap – it holds the ship up! SEAWATER
Put out sample of the langoustines OUST
Rock-and-roll? SWAY
Roughing it on holiday looking up at the stars CAMPINGOUT
Stop payment – without pantos this would be meaningless EMPTY
Swelter on the outskirts of Basingstoke BAKE
Take the sting out of the tail with charm DISARM
The foreign college upsets most of The City – it’s corrosive stuff that leaves a sour taste LACTICACID
The Verve in Brazilian capital city in South America? BRIO
Women saw duck with local cuckoo WHACKO