Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 14 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A capital band managed to be mediocre ALSORAN
American guy, lacking energy, is a failure DUD
Another run for TV programme about fossil fuel REPEAT
Bet I’d be worried as water drops EBBTIDE
Broadcasts matches after power is lost AIRS
Consumer choice starts to move economic numbers up MENU
Create successful group by recruiting single man BONEYM
Criticise exhaust discharge GIVEOUT
Criticise musical style with standard backing RAP
Crowd surrounds woman, one who is unfaithful LOVERAT
Description of unexplored Wales perhaps in old maps HEREBEDRAGONS
Doctor hopes men become sound PHONEME
Don’t follow protocol when fixing burst leak here BREAKTHERULES
Double parking in valley spot DAPPLE
Elite timeless old city THEBES
Embarrassed as stooge goes outside before sunrise PREDAWN
Evidence of loving humour radiating from one’s eyes LAUGHTERLINES
German breeders abandoned starting sequence? REDAMBERGREEN
Grifter’s confession diplayed on computer ICON
Group’s technician calling out the fourth line ROADIE
Hackman perhaps provides some of his own make-up GENE
Hamlet sent first two back for place of cultivation TILLAGE
He lacks the iron she has! MALE
Host in chamber is funny about love ROMCOM
Hotel facility that’s expensive to get into MINIBAR
I abandoned idea that’s impossible NOTON
Insignia regularly provides hidden message in puzzles NINA
It is crucial to test used lancets for this substance ESSENCE
It may occupy long section supporting electricity grid PYLON
Lad excited after Irish girl describes her island home EMERALD
Manage veal portion? One might send it back VEGAN
Model order given to disciplined setter perhaps SIT
Mother flipped – that’s amazing! MOM
One may be prosecuted on foot of a bill POSTER
Rub lead in dead skin RIND
Strong man without it will only get bronze TITAN
Take in and appreciate the centre of Jamestown DIGEST
Ugly companion often gets mention PLUG

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