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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 15 2018

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Answer comes from shady type getting prison term for something previously ATONETIME
Awkward shame in Government EMBARRASSING
Blow the whistle on someone locally in hospital working in theatre SINGER
Came back with second draft – it’s key to play’s direction by writer REENTERED
Chops up the material in hay coming out of machinery MINCER
Don to take a dip in top beach near Island Family Holiday Centre BIKINI
Examine public transport overseas from the laboratory TESTTUBE
First class beer behind bar has recipe that gives people a lift – a high one! AIRLINER
Has the measure of most things in the castle RULER
Hides half of Jacob’s smokes OBSCURES
How can it be gas if there’s no sign of life? INERT
Hurry through exercise for director in Gate finale – it’s the ultimate EXPEDITE
I dare say, Ray is missing for a comment on the stage ASIDE
In a manner of speaking, hasn’t been heard in Rome for a long time and past one’s prime in South America OLDLATIN
Clues Answers
In my book, the forecasters will read something into these LEAVES
Keep to yourself going in and out of retail chain RETAIN
Left the French in club providing work for teachers educating dancers to stay on their toes BALLETSCHOOL
No barns in East Berlin for the cream ELITE
One of those from Irish kitchen in the army is likely to be fired COLCANNON
Orchestral leader produces bass violin movement from forgotten state OBLIVION
Search party loses chaps – your heart would go out to one of them ARTERY
Some Tennessean celebrity sits around a table calling for spirits SEANCE
Step in for referee INTERVENE
The dregs from revolutionary red issue RESIDUES
They hide what’s really happening from mugs boxing – it’s no longer on COVERUPS
Upshot of cup falling off sculpture RESULT
What a role model would do for Irishman over time, for instance SETANEXAMPLE
Where one answers the call in Ring to fight TELEPHONEBOX