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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 16 2018

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Clues Answers
Audacious type in stolen convertible INSOLENT
Baker needs to handle this correctly to implement cuts for a slice of the local cash BREADKNIFE
Beastly type turns up to graduate PUMA
Bugbear in heatwave? HATE
Cloud covering William I’s temperament MIST
Cut out bad diet EDIT
Does away with college dances CHOPS
For checking who is there for the presents? ROLLCALL
Freud’s analysis of Frank Bond FREEASSOCIATION
Hand out pieces on one of The Stones from Oxter ARMPIT
Jokes about young man getting tailor to finish party wear GLADRAGS
No gent will use island capital WELLINGTON
Older sort of address in Madrid protecting Third Reich SENIOR
One comical novel never wastes a laugh presumably ECONOMICAL
Clues Answers
Pool party upsets older party with ecstasy PUDDLE
Putting one over on paramilitary organisation taken in by ostentatious regalia BLUFFING
Set in motion removing items or that’s the impression NOTION
Short jacket in trunk at end of corridor is old BOLERO
Sides of herring instead of complete salad? HEAD
Some initial rumour about leading businessman in firm STABLE
Some public agencies confining movement of beasty types CAGE
Stick around county losing the head and acting the fool CLOWNING
Still under wraps in organisation with old pair of writers UNOPENED
Stir up panic – the traditional type that’s uncompromising PURIST
The Tourists in time produced 5 down for the French radio station, for starters TRAVELLERS
Too nervous to relax on the foreign ship RESTLESS
Verbally attack head teacher for picking up on what’s said to teachers’ group TEARINTO
You’d expect her to have something to say for herself to one of the speakers ORATOR