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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 16 2019

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Clues Answers
A sad piper played Peter out DISAPPEAR
As the labourers see it, excellent head on pint of stout PLUMP
Briefs a number of boxers UNDERCLOTHES
Capable of making a scene, as she paints all over the place THESPIANS
Careless friends holding up Dart SLAPDASH
Checks out The Hearing with old Count briefly where there’s capacity OTOSCOPE
Cops the mysterious type concealed by monitor SECRETPOLICE
Denies one is missing essentials NEEDS
Faith gets papers from Spain to go with a fair amount of technology IDEOLOGY
Feel a bit peculiar in what’s an irritable spot FLEABITE
Group admits backing church writing at the start of 18 across SECRET
Has an influence on the count, as what’s monitored is not in sodium carbonate ABACUS
In order to remove Don from The Mob RIOTER
It’s obvious novice is in a bad way PLAIN
Laird removed from Alexandrine wing ANNEXE
Nothing unusual about old road to institute that ran up by yard ORDINARY
Opening 14 across for leading backbencher to give out -Taoiseach would have no confidence in that sort of vote SECRETBALLOT
Presumably, The Weather Girls recorded them with The Three Degrees and others TEMPERATURES
Raised from the ashes without crossing intelligence agency in old country PHOENICIA
Sally follows engineer by train EQUIP
Spies set up by those looking to stir things up SPOONS
Stock and barrels destined for an assembly line of a major employer GUNPARTS
Student of comedy perhaps is one to be admired CLASSACT
Take out local to back Red Rum MURDER
The most reserved call for silence? Certainly, it’s time! SHYEST
The Observer intro is a revelation EYEOPENER
Tip from opticians – avoid this if you don’t like taking risks CASINO
Users rip off revelation SURPRISE