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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 16 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
A rising sound (high definition) has gripping quality ADHESION
Amusement park not opening is just not right UNFAIR
Attack by governess – one nurturing kids NANNYGOAT
Bachelor, graceful and carefree BLITHE
Cash record for prison there FOLSOM
Coalpit feels wrong – as if this might happen FALLTOPIECES
Colour painting to me needs reformation PIGMENTATION
Cops might wear them to break up Chilean plots PLAINCLOTHES
Eu imports can, when rising, make one UNITE
Factor perhaps favouring male chromosome PROXY
Festival in middle of Kadiri always polite? DIWALI
Flash perhaps, but it’s great having her round SUPERHERO
For example, add young parsnip tips to dish from Africa? EGYPTIAN
Gasp in silence occasionally, leaving one breathless APNEIC
Gracious prayer accompanies holy one abandoning island PLEASANT
I clean out wound to protect from disease INOCULATE
Mixing soy with pasta is heresy! APOSTASY
Museum dealing with woman’s time protecting college HERMITAGE
Private releases tension by grabbing female – that’s damnable INFERNAL
Quick studies show good times come after conflict BRUSHUPS
Scientist creates original measure of weight NEWTON
Secure upgrade for recruit RAISE
Settle in for some of Queen’s concert ENSCONCE
Sharp US agents turn up to arrest British cops ACIDIC
The German supporting yankee working some distance away YONDER
The idiot dumps child for her HEIDI
Unresponsive mother in bed starts opening sleepy eyes COMATOSE
Wild description of territory policed by the Security Council? UNCONTROLLED