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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 17 2018

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Clues Answers
College staff find ring in American university with a little bit of intelligence MICRODOT
Directing the eyes to Len’s copy of The Mirror, for example LOOKINGGLASS
Foreign solider with no papers is overly suspicious PARANOID
Give approval for ball and important party at prosperous location? OKEYDOKE
Go wild about former character of Biblical proportions making a comeback EXTOL
He left Raleigh with the legendary cup GRAIL
Horse in astonishing result – is that a fight against the odds? STRUGGLE
Inability to feel miserable in extravagant Alien saga ANALGESIA
It’s not fine for popular bishop of Rome INCLEMENT
Lads falling off sailboards – it could be the pressure staying on a line ISOBAR
Local head criminal returns to old party with ecstasy NODDLE
Look for someone to reach out to after school SEARCH
NHS ad agitated workers HANDS
Old conservative Shakespearean character gets to start at new event OCCASION
Clues Answers
One of the Big Guns with zero organisation HOWITZER
Pat and Mark work with a keyboard TOUCHTYPE
Prepared for a trip after director’s call full of excitement ACTIONPACKED
Quote individual in Crete novel RECITE
Record is about worker – the type in the past disloyal to a belief RECREANT
Rider is one for the books ADDENDUM
Run for Union inside steel operation ELOPE
Say, I hope you succeed – open secret is, that’s all you might need in the fashion business GOODLOOKS
Scotswoman releasing ants in capital MOSCOW
Some people have been accused of lying here to one of the loungers CHAISELONGUE
Some report has a nice view produced by one of The Four Seasons SUMMER
Sweetheart meets up for appreciation ESTEEM
Waiting to talk to switch for support ONHOLD
Wish for detective taking view this might be a runner LONGDISTANCE