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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 17 2019

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Clues Answers
A skier travels over old German mountains and other bits of land KAISER
A theologian and writer went on to say something more ADDED
A-list choir medley from a former era HISTORICAL
Bottle of awesome alcohol for dinner MEAL
Censor describes the bad stuff from Partition CUTOFF
Criminal dealer for The Don, for example LEADER
Daring musical talent behind loud music at takeaway FEARLESS
Detour is crazy out of The Loop OUTSIDER
Draught and wines for those coming in and out of the country AIRPORTS
Elvis on a tour in Europe SLOVENIA
Heartless old jailer is expected for Christmas TURKEY
Impoverished worker gets script that’s typical of one of those one of those scribblers in The Theatre POORHANDWRITING
Iranian neighbour provides a party for Chinese ethnic group AFGHAN
It’s a preference of mine to take it with biscuits at break time? MYCUPOFTEA
Made to read novel about leaders of Northern Europe EARNED
Moron leaves front room of castle FORT
Mouthpieces have no love for the bikers investigating immoral practices VICESQUADS
Part of the problem in trusting one of those making their own dough MINT
Pens taken off pressman in ruins MARS
Revolutionary part of protocol bolstered alliance BLOC
Some initial rumour about leading businessman in firm STABLE
Sorted out resolution for director RESOLVED
Spring 1915 or 1916, for example, for one of four? LEAPYEAR
Surprise Institute in Ulster with note to deliver to Lost Property Office HANDITIN
The asking price for the border’s command post COST
The end of the line of British wild sheep BURIAL
They pick on The Greens for those at The Gathering HARVESTERS
Verified new date around one of the exams ATTESTED