Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
6 down might arrive for work like this and motorist should drive this way too. INGEAR
A long second act unfolds like a slow, geological process. GLACIATION
Abattoir left a bit messy – check this to see who was on. ROTA
Approach half-cut Canadian – this might make him laugh. COMEDIAN
Athlete finds Queen Elizabeth’s orb at the end of the bed. FOOTBALLER
Could be excessively so for school, weatherwise or attitude-wise. COOL
Cyril’s tortured poetry, written for the staff above. LYRICS
Disturb right enchantress to reveal the answer and end the darkness. BRIGHTEN
Doesn’t look so 24 across to play in the air, while listening to another. GUITAR
Ellington’s 2 down when 15 across and rhapsodising without sharps in unorthodox manner. INDIGO
Ends by making a few small points and trails off, perhaps. ELLIPSIS
Fathers rant about flag. STANDARD
Free-rider might say wow at this, absurdly. STOWAWAY
Funny, tight-lipped vocalisation made by leader leaving tour. HUMOUR
If you direct badly, Alan Smithee will get this. CREDIT
Initially, keep on the underground to get around Norwegian capital – they’ll watch out for you. LOOKOUTS
It’s smooth and shiny as tin, perhaps. SATIN
Keeps inside and busy all night, drunkenly performing sad, American music. PLAYINGTHEBLUES
Medic cuts hours short and gets around to piles of notes upon notes, perhaps. CHORDS
Navy regularly gets idea to encroach upon others. INVADE
Old-fashioned gent might come over from Rome. COVE
Shortly, perhaps, they’ll indicate who might win. ODDS
This might be the psychological state of doctor who had Omicron twice. MOOD
Trendy Ursula takes fifty from you and goes straight home before midnight using these. DAYRETURNS
Understudy hides small ear piece, perhaps? STUD
Unusually, Lagos won, leaving 6 down shamefaced. OWNGOALS
Would local eat a form of what one might apportion? ALLOCATE
You and me at the centre, with folk-band, by the sound of it, being interviewed for research. FOCUSGROUP

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