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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 18 2018

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Clues Answers
Adult tie designed for freedom of movement LATITUDE
Aside from we locals? Wrong! COLESLAW
Assume former lover has record brought up in front of court EXPECT
Auntie’s saying about college pranks ANTICS
Brother is the famous Ben in Clare with the hand out BROCHURE
Build up interest in reports from a ship ACCRUE
Coffee consumed by Michael Attenborough LATTE
Colourful type of dress – love it! VIOLET
Dawn leaves madwomen – it’s typically short notice MEMO
Deep Purple playing on German and Belgium borders PLUM
Give some financial assistance to detective with joint problem DIGOUT
Heavenly type at foundation gets there first to assembly line ETHEREAL
Initial storm damages tree hooked up to old sound system STEREO
It’s a sign of the times where some people go for their dates CALENDAR
Clues Answers
It’s said in passing for notice OBITUARY
Limits of political system in Limerick POEM
Lodge in church academy has rented accommodation CHALET
Makes it easier to swallow recent tax fleeces SUGARCOATS
Mini left in no time – it’s a record NOTE
Offers banned types to Chelsea down at heel for support – it’s an endless bug! BOOTLEGGER
Old Bob Drumm said it was delivered by pig-headed type STUBBORN
Part of the convalescence enjoyed in the hotel bar, for one ALES
Pay for terms of reference and point of view starting off REMITTANCE
Purify most of the smut in front of judge FILTRATE
Sleeps and eats away from peasants NAPS
Some unprincipled Germans produced one of the books LEDGER
Terrified by freight travelling with leads, nitrates, explosives, dynamite FRIGHTENED
The people find recent changes popular for the local gathering COMMUNITYCENTRE