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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 2 2018

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Clues Answers
A foreign young lady qualified this is a must-see UNMISSABLE
A maths problem that’s likely to take your breath away ASTHMA
Belonging alongside a lake in a pine wood DEAL
Characters amidst gallant supporters from The Hill ANTS
Chilled place near Oxford has a Mediterranean climate PUTONICE
Covering one’s loses in bushes belonging to you and 10 across HEDGINGYOURBETS
Detectives find the key and bring it to an end DISSOLVE
Express dissatisfaction with Otis being taking off compilations COMPLAIN
In my book, they’re lying about autumn LEAVES
It’s far from February for investor BUYER
No celibate doctor is to be seen NOTICEABLE
No port in a storm now! PRONTO
Officer is full of drink and loses the head with outburst from one of the in-crowd? OCCUPANT
Olive and Laurel take data from Great Danes GREENS
Clues Answers
One comic misprint relates to the fiscal space ECONOMIC
Outlaw damns travelling soldier banging his drum BANDSMAN
Parking for speedy motorist reversing and losing the head with religious type is uncertain PRECARIOUS
Realise a temperature ain’t problematic ATTAIN
Really large space in a foreign institute near Limerick UNIVERSE
Sample of cheap seasoning from the abbey APSE
Settlement at the centre is for convictions IDEALS
Some friend is horrified by what’s handed to them on a plate DISH
Stoned model trips around Spain with leader of cult HIGHPRIEST
Suffered the effects of cuts in Wimbledon BLED
Sympathisers disregard parish structure SYSTEM
Takes risks for Gilbert’s missing girl BETS
Those on the beach from down below in ship SHELLS
Writer of Morse cop novel COMPOSER