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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 2 2019

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Clues Answers
Cabinet order comes in front of the judge BOOKCASE
Car for travelling Haiti – an old French colony TAHITI
Closing the surveillance outlet is a news item EVENT
Criminal rents yard from guard SENTRY
Expression in Alabama when there’s no way back TERMINAL
Fences off aisles to building ISOLATES
Gives one’s address, content to offset a roadblock going all the way back ORATES
Has a job working alone in Labour – for one, not being part of the general staff SELFEMPLOYED
In relation to documentaries dismissing red meat? COUSIN
It’s a habit to almost run after blue bottle? CHASUBLE
It’s pointless with characters embraced within a network INANE
Most of the downturn relates to beastly types of sabotages DISABLES
One gets to say it ain’t true about bird with personality IDENTITY
Panellist misses pal still SILENT
Pole only makes a mess of material NYLON
Popular type behind bar rooms – a labour of love perhaps COURTSHIP
Pull copyright for Yahoo CLOUT
Reading in Sicily, novel by tenor-songwriter LYRICIST
Reading issue about new performance RENDITION
Ridicule criminal and part-time worker starting trouble CONTEMPT
Scream from Bellow – where has Lassie gone? SHOUTFORHELP
Sharp middleman contacts police department in middle of homicide ACIDIC
Thought out loud following those opening 18 across and learnt one’s own lessons, of course SELFEDUCATED
To cross Swords, motorcyclist went over 100 BICKER
Trimmed select piece of furniture to make the minimum quota for office? ELECTABLE
Twist for drunk agent consuming port TANGLE
What the Good Shepherd is doing looking after his flock SHEEPFARMING
Zest of Frenchman in Lyon told to strip LEMONPEEL