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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 2 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
Add zest to or rips off rap session? SEASON
Agricultural study of one of those in the cabbage family – in a funny way, it’s not complicated ROCKETSCIENCE
All the numbers to be analysed within the uplifting confines of Sonata da Chiesa DATA
As a result of Open University scholarly volume about copyright OUTCOME
Bad blood between Meg Thatcher and the revolutionary HATRED
Being more fortunate than others, Ulick gets sorted in hospital LUCKIER
Both sides with peppered steak for one of the widows going on ahead? PEAK
Concealed by Mount Erebus going all the way up to a nice cap BERET
Craftsman toys with Sinbad’s bird, Shahryar and a number of The Arabians ROCKINGHORSES
Criminal jumps over the top with raw material used for making sheets COTTON
Cromwell’s issue, for instance, on both sides at the Battle of Naseby? BABY
For example, Granny Pat is abandoning tank top KNOT
Heartless abbot knocks back first course with cold duck and leaves for a smoke TOBACCO
Investor leaves reservations to the listeners EARS
It is found in sun block although it’s alien to some of us VISITOR
It’s exhausting for tenor from one wedding band TIRING
Lasting impression of the extremes of the school year SCAR
Leo won’t participate in free love – that’s far too much excitement FEVER
Mobilised carers welcome hospital hotshots? ARCHERS
Old Germanic race took over most of mine at end of war, by Jove! JUPITER
On holiday, fiction is read primarily by detached person OUTLIER
Piece of marketing understated in part GUN
Popular revolutionary consumed by smashing State is similar to 15 across GRANITE
Produced Narcos around unknown quantity of colourful writers CRAYONS
Reduce sound for Bible reading LESSON
Relish for starter of lobster is missing – where’s the gratification in that? ENJOY
Reviews time for the writers to use to bond together KNIT
Saint George dismissed Georgian clique SET
Sample of holidays in Cork LID
Shocking those running the meetings with seats presumably in the Irish Senior Citizens’ parliament? ROCKINGCHAIRS
Some foodie selection provides fuel for our energy requirements DIESEL
Storm over old man is local nonsense TORNADO
Temperature reflects most of Gary, Indiana – to begin with, it’s cold and dreadful TRAGIC
The means to rewrite the law WEALTH
Transfer between banks for numerous people going overseas FERRY
Turns up in The Cotswolds needing a refill LOW
Type of pitch popular with all sides today ROCK
What iceberg did to Titanic caused trouble ROCKEDTHEBOAT