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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 21 2018

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Clues Answers
Break a promise to Rocky Greene RENEGE
Came to the conclusion dealer is crazy REALISED
Carol is upset getting a poor grade SING
Characters to pick-up luggage in Cork PLUG
Fruit bar area is fairly naff BANANA
Get someone’s goat in a greenbelt? ENRAGE
Having a look behind the curtain – that’s a job for the agency SPYING
Herbert Rock is not the first of the older brothers BRETHREN
Key found in building opens one of those in the bakery SPONGE
Look out for wild roses from areas with too many ugly weeds EYESORES
New tie clip contains cross – it’s clear to see EXPLICIT
Old and new in ocean liner heard melody from her first child SONANDHEIR
Open it if you want to know what’s in The Press and go through it if you want to know what’s in Parisian museum LOUVREDOOR
Opposed to criminal trial involving a third party CONTRARY
Clues Answers
Play charades around neat set in the interval MEANTIME
Pretty as a picture since changing college SCENIC
Provides a warning to those travelling overseas with match crowd LIGHTHOUSE
Rank of Marshal? SORT
Remove new cover from part of the kitchen OVEN
Screens those in favour of Partition DIVIDERS
Side bar is missing something to put the butter and marmalade on BREAD
Some persuade a neighbour working in university DEAN
Sounds like something offered by catering college is a tonic for those keeping up with latest trends REFRESHERCOURSE
Spilled the beans and the sides of salad dressing SANG
State did a job for the bakers when it was required NEEDED
Teacher loses the head with what’s admissible, as it’s beside the point IRRELEVANT
What the Arabian might do left in foreign gaol by political leader? GALLOP
Wise guys going around America in bangers SAUSAGES