Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 21 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
17 across turns up with famous Prussian for dinner. RISOTTO
36 across this Greek witch goes, uncertainly, at labyrinth’s edges. CIRCLES
A violent, prospective wife for the criminal. MOBSTER
At the end of the day, people lose the head about this golden, delicious one. YOLK
Awakens some October, mysteriously. COMESTO
Catch up across in Rome. TEN
Close wound, perhaps, but anaesthetise while demonstrating. SEW
Crosses line at a Christian Brothers School, by mistake. SCAB
Day starts with moderately soft rain. DAMP
Don’t start to accept war-god’s challenges. DARES
Eccentrically unadorned, Beth has gone this way in a tizzy. AROUNDTHEBEND
Etruscan vase is stuffed with fabric. CANVAS
Excluded lawless conceptualist who had pocketed pencil. OUTCAST
Fraternise at the centre and learn regularly in order to gain enlightenment, maybe. LANTERN
Gave first performance without leader back in London. TUBE
Gentleman will abruptly lift this up. SIR
Goes off with nursery pals Oscar and Dara, initially, to get bat and prepare bases before he does this. PLAYSROUNDERS
Graduate left date to cook pasta sauce. RAGU
Held in awe although found in abundance. WEALTH
I hear there’s some planks at the back. LUMBAR
In the zoo, rhino starts to eat pasta. ORZO
Jump ahead of theatre worker. SURGEON
Little French quartets arrive following meal. PETIT
Material available publicly about tour with corrupt clinician. INCIRCULATION
Might be the type of bean tallied by accountant at California job centre. CACAO
Might he react badly to informative type? TEACHER
Nine elephants, start to travel with leader of Bern and this alpine fellow. IBEX
Northern Irish donkey brays harshly in this manner, perhaps. NASAL
Pair of fathers go round to temple. PAGODA
Puzzle with takeaway, perhaps. NONPLUS
Reddish-brown concoction for user on street. RUSSET
Rotary style phone used twice, perhaps. ROUNDANDROUND
Sharp little stick took out Mrs Sayers’ eye. PEG
Speaker here recently cut short, disgracefully. LECTERN
Spiky little one plays mischievously on the streets. URCHIN
Starts speaking to upperclass nobles to astonish them. STUN
Used chemical weapon to damage aged ship. GASSED
Was cured and lasted, in other words. SALTED

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