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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 22 2018

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Clues Answers
A soldier from leaderless country finds diamonds and gets jittery AGITATED
Be on the safe side with breakdown rescue SECURE
Bill goes back to cut reddish-brown type of facial hair WALRUS
Cancel review by court on the money EXACT
Checks out The Hearing with old Count briefly where there’s capacity OTOSCOPE
Could have forecasted this was created by a philosopher keeping some elements out of The House WEATHERPROOF
Detectives work out how to cross Swords DISAGREE
Determines the age of sample of diamonds for couple going steady CARBONDATING
Eagerly digs up yard for one of the vegetables around end of the garden KEENLY
Employee takes dogs out of rose garden EARNER
For those in golf, the captain can be a source of illumination HEADLIGHT
Lawyer has right to breakdown Cathy, causing friction, for the record SCRATCHY
Little space between two parts of locks for feeding the ducks on a fair amount of the path (4’1,7) HAIRSBREADTH
Make progress in Spain, love sick over Victor EVOLVE
Clues Answers
Make use of a sign on the house starting off AVAIL
Merry from bubbly? EXUBERANT
Officer starting out rested up in settler’s house COLONIAL
Out of tin? There’s none in Palestine! ASLEEP
Outlaw from Spain found in garden working at back of the terrace RENEGADE
Parisian business person produces The Hustler ENTREPRENEUR
Part of the orchestra turns up sound from the start on stag REEDS
Point-to-point permits high flyers SWALLOWS
Show up to lure out of laundrette ATTEND
Some German villain gets hammered ANVIL
Time off in the plantation perhaps for the rest of the brewers TEABREAK
Top person in office with responsibility for leader at The Star is a musical type from Brazil BOSSANOVA
Touches down in South Africa to organise a plot LANDSCAPE
Who’s a pretty boy then? Who’s a pretty boy then? PARROT