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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 23 2018

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Clues Answers
Ali ranks Yank from island SRILANKA
Came back again and again for original decree about what’s very popular for the most part REECHOED
Can never believe this type is considered a cheat UNFAITHFUL
Carries on with plays and leads under pressure ACTSUP
Caught between teetotallers responsible for spying from the garden centre ACACIA
Completes the following transfer to club unique to The Cape ROBE
Cosmopolitan describes city energy URBANE
Distinguished scientist designed sat nav SAVANT
Drunk US port and Bud SPROUT
Extract of Balzac ideology can be corrosive ACID
Have a go for most of the fight audition TRYOUT
Hornet upset nurse at home belonging to us in Ulster NORTHERNIRELAND
In part, consider a venture that appeals to dancers RAVE
It’s the only option for the man upstairs dealing with Old Nick from lock-up? SENDDOWN
Clues Answers
Lawsuit covers what the group performed on first track for audiotape CASSETTE
Left organisation retiring, for example, in spring LUNGE
Make a plan with bank’s interim dividend INTEND
Merciless type of criminal hustlers RUTHLESS
Nativity, for example – how easy can that be? (5’1,4) CHILDSPLAY
Noel Rock admits The Bill is up for discussion ONTHETABLE
Nothing extraordinary about old road to institute that ran up by yard ORDINARY
Phobia of some still-life artists FEAR
Risky option offered by barman perhaps LONGSHOT
Save hide disposing of something sticky ADHESIVE
Second class liner travelling to European city BERLIN
Seismic zone, for instance, of some similar earthquake AREA
Took advantage of content for disingenuous editors USED
With both feet on the ground, happy to head off with the last of the brides and grooms STABLELADS