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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 23 2019

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Clues Answers
A scoop of rice came prepared ICECREAM
Consider in new light, unfinished genuine ships on both sides of Spain REASSESS
Contests this is to keep up with the Joneses at school COMPETITIONS
Cover for cold mouthy type in trailer FILMCLIP
Criminal jumps over the top with raw material used for making sheets COTTON
English gestures in Love/Hate EMOTIONS
Given the job and its pressure – what’s the objective taking ecstasy in A&E? APPOINTEE
Governesses get rid of songs that can be intensely harsh SEVERE
Heard talking to the secretary writing things down for slave driver DICTATOR
Local thug would be legless without it MUSCLE
Looking back, it’s a pity Dawn produced something spicy MASALA
Make progress in Spain, love sick over Victor EVOLVE
Manage a number of events in Ring with cars RUNABOUTS
Measurements from an experiment soon vibrates all over the place OBSERVATIONS
Piece of countryside greenbelt comes with a qualification DEGREE
Ran away from Caroline producing a bad strain ECOLI
Reproduce Muesli mix containing first of the almonds and last of the fruit SIMULATE
Review had fairly lied about introduction by Mexican type in the plot DAHLIA
Some of those in Barcelona irritated by broadcasting ONAIR
Spies protecting a Hawk’s part in European region looking for independence perhaps CATALONIA
Suggests it’s not compulsory to jeer retiring leaders left in Government in Ireland, for one NOOBLIGATION
Take soundings about trick to rise the man in the middle CONFER
The seeds from Wexford – the favourites at Wimbledon STRAWBERRIES
Theatre appointment is a mutual confidant – that’s between you and me GATEPOST
What Thatcher is responsible for tortures those having to bear the baggage for the long road perhaps ROOFRACKS
Whatever way you look at it, flat might be picked up cheaply by a bricklayer, on balance LEVEL
Worried how you might find Houston? INASTATE
Young man in Belgium sometimes has a reputation for cutting it fine BLADE