Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 23 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A wide range of schoolchildren start to play guitar with this and don’t use long lead SPECTRUM
Aid to digestion makes one feel alive, briefly, in South Africa SALIVA
Audibly rhythmical, flowing movement TAPDANCE
Bearded, Portobello playwright rose in order to do the cleaning WASHUP
Bizarrely, lick taco; then drink this COCKTAIL
Could only fill flask, initially, for a pair of sweethearts with this COFFEE
Curtailed trip with former American soldier to take this stand TRIVET
Discuss what to do with crackling, perhaps, with chef that we organised CHEWTHEFAT
Fires URL around, maybe KILN
Half-cut rabbit returned twice, I see – sounds pretty wild BARBARIC
Hansel and Gretel should have tried leaving this, rather than breadcrumbs, as a more reliable, if bureaucratic, track record PAPERTRAIL
Has capacity to report murder victim ABLE
I concur with this senior citizen, funnily – there’s plenty here CORNUCOPIA
I must air broadcast regarding dessert TIRAMISU
Little Robert abandons potboiler being very refined POLITE
No chores, for a change and a big glass of beer. SCHOONER
One can always find a lock here CANAL
One sly chap goes around to doctor for this PHYSICAL
Put the last of 15 across on this, with a biscuit on the side maybe SAUCER
Refer to this to see if they’ll be displeased to eat around ten CROSSINDEX
Seal of approval for Charlie to snip top off little packet CACHET
Sherpa, thankfully, discovered route PATH
Silly, first version abandoned by mid-afternoon DAFT
Sounds like ivy is wet DRIP
Threw Persian cat out in the morning creating kerfuffle but it blew over quickly (1,5,2,1,6) ASTORMINATEACUP
Wag this when you 11 across CHIN
Write without taking sides and, oddly, clinch approval from this judge, maybe CRITIC
X-men get entangled with space creature at ramshackle dwelling TENEMENT

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