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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 25 2018

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Clues Answers
A type of humour about new Beau with revolutionary type of writing one associates with the Marquis de Sade DEBAUCHERY
Anxious broadcast from Trim ONEDGE
Content in newspapers potentially is a blemish on one’s character SPOT
David Letterman in part between jobs IDLE
For stepping just one foot on the beach, lands a flounder SANDAL
It’s not much to expect from old British politician at African party for English leader PITTANCE
It’s okay as there’s nothing left perhaps ALLRIGHT
Kid’s father opens cork and nibbles for the camp dinner BILLYCAN
Man of the cloth showing off Rialto TAILOR
Nurse is from Spain in the writing study TREATISE
Offers critical advice to the US House from Europe that’s relative DUTCHUNCLE
On rare occasions in building models SELDOM
Opens 15 across in type of copy CARBON
Path to adaptation is a formal one for The Crown? TOPHAT

Clues Answers
Produced reports with help of the big house MAID
Regularly has a word with the man upstairs and primary principal with debts PIOUS
Returns to select ground ELECTS
Shout it from the rooftops around college mostly set in place for seniors dance outside PROCLAIM
Sir heard losing the head with dilemma illuminating aspects of The Dark NIGHTLIGHT
Slightly give in over fillets, heart and first two onions in batter BLUDGEON
Some characters building a terrace for the players? GATE
Spy from America leaves home perhaps to commemorate a visit to The Garden PLANTATREE
The Greens are always going on about this diamond – it’s a clue for the detective CARBONFOOTPRINT
The rugby occasion opens for consumers covering both legs TROUSERS
Tips on back of envelope by one of those down the pits OBOE
Uncle Sam releases scan of drugs smuggler MULE
Wind up someone over initial feedback after Express is responsible for taking a number of pot shots at targets AIRRIFLE
You’re unlikely to hear this praise if you’re late, as typically it accompanies a put down EULOGY