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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 25 2019

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Clues Answers
A few out around Florida for breakfast WAFFLE
Ancient individuals in hunt showing talent beyond years (3,3,3’1,3) OLDFORONESAGE
Assembled half the Navajo to give directions for road trip SATNAV
Battle-weary screen offering The Roman Tortoise? TESTUDO
Carol is upset getting a poor grade SING
Clever type of king is not in favour of referendum – it divides the room! KNOWALL
Dated 13 across and 30 across with superstitious beliefs (3,5′,5) OLDWIVESTALES
Down in the dumps over most of the run SAD
Duff is head of humanities in American University MISHIT
Eton College sacks cool sort that’s overly polite GENTEEL
Flighty type consumed by attitude, whatever way you look at it TIT
Found fault with college head retiring over heartless joke NAGGED
Garner from Roof Garden produces all you need to sustain yourself FOOD
Haitians drop hint it’s the biggest Mass on the globe! ASIA
Headstone doesn’t include one of a number of fatalities DEATHS
It’s about one of the Turners the ophthalmologist has his eye on perhaps RETINA
It’s great for that woman and family in a bit of a pickle GHERKIN
Joy gets into ale brewing ELATION
Keep a foreign Oriental mint FORTUNE
Local to keep sketch of watchtower LOOKOUT
Midwives’ curious ritual is, in reality, very ‘PC’! VIRTUAL
Nepal cook from one of the colonies PENAL
Omen from newcomer in the boat CREW
One in the eye for those in the Bari Risorgimento IRIS
One of the joints left to church movement KNEEL
One of those from The Hill holds back Moose with chain on the foot ANKLET
Partners with suspect views WIVES
Put in the ground work for some who miss home SOW
Some Tennessean celebrity sits at a table calling for spirits SEANCE
Son lies awfully to one with pride LIONESS
Stare out of stage door for dandy! GOOD
Stitch up over the weekend to distort the facts SKEW
Stories of the last of the draught beers TALES
Supports those no longer working for gaoled criminal at Parisian boarding house OLDAGEPENSION
Throw in sample of bread dough ADD
Turns up, no parking in April in old European capital LIRA
Veteran told heading off to gain ground in scout’s vehicle OLDCAMPAIGNER
Volume is an issue? EDITION