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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Almost certain to exercise in old city by forcing others to go out USURPER
Being on holiday has its drawback on the surface? OUTWARD
Binge makes old father flip – put him out to graze? OVEREAT
Bit of chowder and p?t? removed from place mat CLAM
Blame cook over recipe in The Hard Rock MARBLE
Cleaning windows is awkward for old patient type ODDJOB
Concealed mischief or a yobbish type of sudden attack FORAY
Couple of spies to watch briefly LOOKSEE
Cover made look good at the centre is a bit of devilment HOODOO
Delivery doesn’t include elder or wall-climber IVY
Express surprise at the border’s gooseberry bush GOSH
Figures in subsequent attack could be detrimental to stock BSE
Following a stretch, you might do this on a bender – tap individuals down in The Boot (5,3’1,4) TOUCHONESTOES
Funny cool pic of one in the pit PICCOLO
Goes around in New Zealand cotton that’s very bright NEON
Good for you removing odour produced by Disney character GOOFY
Has the bottom line on what’s in the market HEM
Heads off disaster with a party for one of the Greens AVOCADO
Hear out bachelor from political group BLOC

Clues Answers
Important skill for players on all sides today TOUCH
Month before Ireland could use this to raise old tax OCTROI
No top on tanning product for headless lounger that’s not lubricated UNOILED
Oblivious to a foreign conflict in hospital department UNAWARE
Old master drops rods of iron METAL
One of the family characters in background admonished DAD
Part of the hospital care for the white powder TALC
Pub chain opens up – is that a sign? CRAB
Review had fairly lied about introduction by Mexican type in the plot DAHLIA
Stand for most of the class if extremely naughty TYPIFY
Survive in Provence where retrograde salt is the end product OUTLAST
Take a quick look at golf spike GLANCE
Take out Ted Lee Duff DELETE
This came from Mastermind – The Work of Louis Braille TOUCHOFGENIUS
Too much exposure for Pat and Oscar Furlong in the media TOUCHOFTHESUN
Type of chrome popular with surfers BROWSER
Undergo a turnabout immersed on the farm GOAT
Very moved by one group of notes on guitar that evoked a strong reaction TOUCHEDACHORD
What you’d expect boxer to do losing the head to make an impression ETCH