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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 28 2018

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Clues Answers
Amused criminal from Greece with snaky dreadlocks MEDUSA
As forecast, really come down on state rules covering those in Kilkenny as well as Staffordshire RAINCATSANDDOGS
Bourne leaves subordinates with tormentor SADIST
Broody Sultan produces them for horse in point-to-point EGGS
Childish foreign correspondent perhaps in 23 down loses the head with one of the gang PENPAL
Cooperative is prepared to cover workers from academy AMENABLE
Cork’s distiller releases litre LIDS
Drunk in Puerto Rico produced type of cushion for a business car for the people PINACOLADA
Enthusiastic coming back across great music REGGAE
Fabulous type from Dandy? TERRIFIC
Father sent back to academy – it’s an involuntary move from part of the Med ADRIATIC
First person getting connection right gets skilled work METIER
Foolish figure first to help ASSIST
Joke about Kerryman at the end of shift of workers GANG
Clues Answers
March out of charmless takeaway LESS
Medic’s business estimate covers what is witnessed in theatre PRACTICE
Part of speech for a pupil, in a manner of speaking VERBAL
Rare winner – that’s one for the books NOVELIST
Relative of tea producer has the hump with America city over institute CAMELLIA
Short brief? FLEETING
Some workshop encapsulated what it means to be accessible to everyone OPEN
Sounds like what jockey gets horse to do going to post – reportedly it’s a matter of opinion GALLUPPOLL
The sense to compliment a stewardess inside TASTE
The Wire’s neighbours have no heroin BUGS
To damage one foreign politician is a breeze IMPAIR
Trail lost friend in the scouts PATHFINDER
Welsh neighbours, in a manner of speaking, shortly return to health ENGLISHMEN
Women close to his heart nipped out for a breather WINDPIPE