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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 29 2018

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Clues Answers
Agricultural leader behind atrocious riot on island? That’s the most convincing conclusion! AFORTIORI
Angriest riot travelling in front of the car REGISTRATION
Carpets for occupier, central to those with second or third places RUNNERSUP
Casts a shadow over Dante’s ending in The Inferno SHADES
Creationist has no taste for what’s sarcastic IRONIC
Describes gin cocktail for travellers over the airwaves CALLSIGN
Drugs in prison changed those who don’t take a drink PIONEERS
Emergency care for Irishmen on square in Egyptian port FIRSTAID
English policewoman on the rise headhunted in memorable period? EPOCH
Finish Le Mans getting clipped by English leader going the wrong way ENAMEL
Flower from the countryside is for German neighbour POLAND
Gillespie drops lisp in Belgium LIEGE
Honest detective leads a national operation for one of the big types that gets played UPRIGHTPIANO
Ill-treated without Earl – the noble one TITLED

Clues Answers
Mole in trouble with crude types OILMEN
Most of the payment covered up by successor from farm HEIFER
Produces the hits that are out of this world for those aiming for the stars ROCKETRY
Regret losing one’s head with flighty type EGRET
Salad eaters, for example, get great seasonal gift EASTEREGG
Sanction for a retweet from society associated with paintings and sculpture FINEARTS
Single out the French in hot water PICKLE
Sounds like a lengthy queue in The Barracks for some of the tables LONGDIVISION
Subject to helpmate getting rid of pal THEME
Too big for one boots in a tirade about tips for regulating overpowering government ARROGANT
Travelling Spain and Germany is top secret – to a very high degree, there’s a lot in it INSPADES
Whistleblower gets to manipulate Clio’s sister at reading place for those chilling REFRIGERATOR
Who averts trouble for those in the broadcasting profession? SHORTWAVE
Wild pub dates in European capital BUDAPEST