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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 3 2018

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Clues Answers
Board member loses one member of the cleaning staff CHARWOMAN
Butcher’s costs – ham or pot bellies? STOMACHS
Confusion produced by Moslem art creation MAELSTROM
End product is harsh, shapeless leather THRASH
Fear and trembling on first tee with inaccuracy TERROR
Get into the head, unnerving spy corrupting church with common knowledge PSYCHOUT
Greatest footballer grabs a shirt at the top – it’s most improper BASEST
Had leading role meeting Third Reich and got caught – how is that deserving of a medal? HEROIC
Huge celebrity mars Gate production MEGASTAR
Imagine film unit in The House giving it one’s best shot perhaps PICTUREFRAME
Informer gets to post critical appraisal and the pundit will get to see it SNEAKPREVIEW
Is patient with most of the animals around island STOIC
Lance spins artist’s record inside SPEAR
Local official from Trim found in court TOWNCLERK
Clues Answers
Makes a meal of gritty stuff coming from women’s organisation connected to church SANDWICH
New issues to improve worker’s shirt with top-stitching Developments
One of The Doors admits lead singer could be alive EXIST
Paper contacts creator of The ‘RA? SUNGOD
Pine for America? Address it! MISSUS
Plot and digs aimed at retiring types BEDROOMS
Policeman loses head with jerks hanging out of the bar OPTICS
Spud’s getting fried in college by teacher ramping up pressure and is starting to stress CRISPS
Strange organisation is unaffected UNNATURAL
Take a break in Waterford – it will add something to your bow RESTRING
Too nervous to relax on the foreign ship RESTLESS
Transport strikes in shelters at various stages BUSSTOPS
Up north, leads intimate evensong naturally in religious community – is that ill-timed? INCONVENIENT
Wisecracker missing career in old hamlets WICKS