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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 3 2019

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Clues Answers
Brought in by one director securing drink from Spain IMPORTED
Came clean about type of meaty flesh found in grass REVEALED
Candidate from Trim group of singers going to church CHOICE
Carthorses working in a number of pits ORCHESTRAS
Champions one of the white hats that’s popular and the best at the centre HEROINES
Feedback from Sally RESPONSE
Fury internalised by suffragette RAGE
Gas fitter drops rate for the Christmas, for instance GIFTS
Got wise to the fact it’s similar to 25 across DISCOVERED
Grim study opens Family Unit set in Donegal DREADFUL
Irish writer lost heart in Comprehensive WIDE
It’s less difficult to enrol out of Sierra Leone EASIER
Member from Israel has no part in liberalism LIMB
Most of the public go wrong entertaining tip for horse from leading gambler – the bookmaker is responsible for it PUBLISHING
Newton gets to solve problem in the library NOVELS
Old city fellow demands immediate action URGENT
On the beach, members of a coven miss tea and snacks made with bread and butter SANDWICHES
Orson Welles dismisses lower class type LESSON
Put up in the church redesign CHANGE
Reviewing writer is put off by the ending – what’s the positive implication of that? UPSIDE
Senses popular legend consumed by wealth MEANINGS
Sketches from Darwin’s novel about Government DRAWINGS
Some interpret a rambling review by judge RATE
Take the horse from Rio Grande releasing groan RIDE
Taking up residency in the Senate after being in the D?il, you’ll need to give notice of that to a man of letters CHANGEOFADDRESS
The area covered in engineering could be next problem for Tesla EXTENT
Trying to answer the riddle of scrambled eggs in US GUESSING
Weekend newspaper editor opens English joint KNEE