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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 30 2019

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Clues Answers
A man overshadowed by another man? Old Bob in The Bostonians! AMERICANS
AGM comes out of arguments and trouble UNREST
Alarm enemy incorporating endless sycophants YESMEN
Bill is at the bar before 10 – that’s slow for a musician ADAGIO
Country covered up trade in diamonds INDIA
Fails to notice one school in frightful mess MISSES
Fits what the Customs are responsible for SEIZURES
Had a ball perhaps in The Man from Clare with leading director DANCED
Hear a gun going off in lecture HARANGUE
Hearing covers up marketing ploy – it leads to nervous uncertainty SUSPENSE
In France, John isn’t finished with awful resentment JEALOUSY
Is not excitable in stable EVENTEMPERED
It’s an utter failure to set up Sidney with Daisy’s relative DISASTER
Line about most of the last letters from old writing passage CORRIDOR
Most of the film pitch has a tendency to go downhill SKISLOPE
Organisation produces mass hysteria dismissing Sharia SYSTEM
Pick up the tab for workers first to talk in therapy TREATMENT
Position on pitch provides latitude for those with concerns BUSINESSPARK
Representative of a fairly hard-working type AGENT
Roughly stitch up graduate joining The Branch shortly BASTE
Stack’s horse on a popular racecourse is second last MOUNTAINS
Standing up to selectors dismissing loss ERECT
Steer clear of action when it doesn’t concern you LEAVEITALONE
The fl?neurs won’t do anything with The Mandibles LAZYBONES
Theatrical type will recognise these clues could be signs of a greater malaise SYMPTOMS
Type of production from the symphony in March MASSMOVEMENT
You could read this to mean I’m challenging you to a run? That would be some blooming arrangement! RACEME
Zoo opening with wild bears – the black and white ones that go around in bands ZEBRAS