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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 31 2018

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Clues Answers
A hit in Government – that’s embarrassing? ABASHING
Boatman leaves Guantanamo Bay for country in South America GUYANA
CAB conceals a final benefit on raising State’s finances TAXATION
Compensate for women from Aer Lingus in tough flight OUTWEIGH
Drunk in France gets locked first, tucking into Spanish wine at parties CALVADOS
Eliminated model’s wide pout WIPEDOUT
Firing device found in saloon in small green area in Bath SPARKPLUG
Gone off position on ship – it’s the dead heat? STALEMATE
Just about managed without pressure – scrapped Anglo Review SCRAPEDALONG
Keep up with important Irish legend MAINTAIN
Kind of person one leaves outside religious group GENTLE
Lost a dreamer? Sugar! DEMERARA
Make Istanbul out to be distinctive UNMISTAKABLE
Measure up model with definite degree of proficiency MAKETHEGRADE

Clues Answers
Memo from head-banger dismisses Herb AGENDA
Mind – one might have to be hung out to dry after this, as it’s part of the conditioning BRAINWASHING
No sermons in Expressionism from the mischief-makers PIXIES
Nutcase begins post seminary year at church order PSYCHO
One of the joints left to church movement KNEEL
One offer at the auction for half the object in the same place IBIDEM
Only one of us gets a bad result in the early years YOUNG
Reasonable report divides Paris SEINE
Remove bones from fish or piece of meat FILLET
Sister in nomadic settlement DOMINICAN
Stay under the covers finishing popular fiction LIEIN
The most you’ll get for graduate with eleven family members MAXIMUMS
Welsh politician consumed by devious plan that goes over the novice’s head WIMPLE
Wind up Spike losing the head with nuisance ANNOYANCE