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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 31 2019

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Clues Answers
19 down and most of 8 across get to me? And, while it won’t be shelved, it won’t be read either! COFFEETABLEBOOK
Backs civil disorder on the computer connected to a scene of bloodshed ABATTOIR
Bity type of revolutionary extract from Plato identified IOTA
Church office opposed to rest cure? Yes! VESTRY
Could start to annoy criminal down in the valley CANYON
Don’t believe them if cops leak development PACKOFLIES
Finishes early piece that’s key to reading 1984 YEAR
Firm to foot the bill from consultant for stimulant COFFEE
First meeting involves Judi and Charlie getting to judge ADJUDICATE
Force in Maine novel provides a type of mystery ENIGMA
Frank isn’t finished with informer for losing the head with one of those who has your number OPERATOR
Guy on set playing the runt YOUNGEST
Hothead with a record player gets once in a lifetime trip to see Oasis HADJ
I’m missing the honey to relish – it’s off colour LOVESICK
In theory, drop hint in days gone by YORE
Manage one of those on the door of nightclub, for instance HANDLE
Presents natural talent on cymbals we hear GIFTTOKENS
Put off departure from the library READER
Skilful type is against riotous movement VIRTUOSO
Some shady sources for the foreign manuscript ELMS
Stick up for the French school used by the mathematicians TABLES
Straight up, Victor and Heather take in square at length VERTICAL
The Observer’s content from the Hawkeye State EYES
Those in the soup supply bricks STOCKCUBES
Time in custody linked initially to illegal monopoly CARTEL
Trouble in exam upsets creep CRAWL
Undue influence on Cicero? Wrong! COERCION
Way out for Bill inside fooling around ESCAPADE