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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 4 2018

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Clues Answers
Bail into complex for a drink LIBATION
Buy and Sell fingers those symbolic types in business TRADENAMES
Carried out flower covering the Iris – it could be dead OBEYED
Did some pressing work for Oscar in new diner IRONED
Disorder in meaningless banks MESS
Disreputable organisation linked to noble UNWORTHY
Get engaged to sorceress taken in by family member SWITCHON
Heresy coming out of Derbyshire and Turkey? BIRD
It’s huge for Elizabeth getting over the border for nothing BEHEMOTH
Jaguar cat in ground cover CARPET
Made a scene over theologian and one who is compulsively dependent ADDICTED
Nerve centre takes in far too much from Bath HOTTUB
New bar opens for the retiring types LINEN
Old European kingdom loses head with Georgian neighbour RUSSIA
Clues Answers
One of those singled out is similar to 13 down IDENTIFIED
Part of stomach exercise leads to a twinge ACHE
Planted underrated roses individually on summits in one of the garden areas BURIED
Revealed the essence of the argument by journalist is public knowledge POINTEDOUT
Sample of catch on shuttle in Japanese waters HONSHU
Sir Galahad removes rags and consigns to the plot DAHLIA
Snap at the end of 17 down SHOT
Some powerhouse engineer in the public eye SEEN
Someone who is easily manipulated by a source of easy money ASOFTTOUCH
Sounds like one released Bullitt and went for the big time HADASHOT
Take off with woman with ponytail and dishy Chinese style CHOPSUEY
Thinking something over with 8 across can be popular on reflection BURIEDINTHOUGHT
Took advantage of some gregarious educationalists USED
Views hardwearing type around hotel opening for the start of season THOUGHTS