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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 4 2019

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Clues Answers
A beasty type of zone with wild bear ZEBRA
A terrible start for lumberjack going nuts locally in violent dispute ATLOGGERHEADS
Capote’s novel recommended on all sites, to boot TOECAPS
Ceramist removes item with blemish SCAR
Country goon from Mongolia MALI
Cutting edge type of research at top unit raising one of the insects RIPSAW
Deals with guilt going to comic’s funeral completely mystified (2,3’1,4′,3) ATONESWITSEND
Describes designer luggage for fan to pick up COOLBAG
Drain head off jug of beer perhaps EWER
Egyptians ignore tiny book collections PAGES
Flexible type from A-list working in Clare bends over backwards ELASTIC
Give the go-ahead in irresponsible therapy LET
God-awful characters in the suburb admonished BAD
Irritated over running start by novice – it’s the nag’s tone! SORREL
Little warning of a neat final glass of whiskey that’s not coming with ice ATSHORTNOTICE
Madeleine dismisses lie as put down DEMEAN
Melody from low comedy produced by bully COW
New Yorker carrying bags on his bike going to the dance BELLHOP
One institute around Oxford opens in Cambridge – it’s ill-advised IDIOTIC
Part of the neighbourhood is horrified by the satellite receiver DISH
Part of the stock belonging to business owner SOW
Pops off proposal, in a manner of speaking ORAL
Possible troll with loudspeaker TWEETER
Prickly sort of college plays a part covering start of the uncertainty CACTUS
Six leading actors from The Tube produced The Bridge VIADUCT
Soldiers with nearly the lion’s share of gadgets GISMOS
Some in The Inferno terrorised by aide-memoire NOTE
Some standard I value from opera DIVA
Sounds almost like it could be of interest to someone on a diet in the neighbourhood LOCAL
Spilt porter over one clown PIERROT
Swift introduction to prose in The Blitz RAPID
Take care of flip switch – it’s for upstart skimming us locals NOURISH
The preserve of old sea dog SALT
To the casual observer in attendance, getting award from university is good for Spike ATFIRSTGLANCE
Turn upside down, as a lot missing from ventilator INVERT
Turns up, tenor in rehab is a patron of Spa BATHER
Upset staff worker with temperature is sleeping DORMANT
Women’s association in Waterford on the line to The Telegraph WIRING