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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 4 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
A Mass in Castle KEEP
A mystery to some playing in game ENIGMA
Ad lib with funny guy swallowing gin cocktail WINGIT
Bedlam – an unstable type that’s unpleasant DAMNABLE
Bits he’d removed from cheese dip PIECES
Bordeaux embraces fashionable instrument CLARINET
Dog track? TAIL
Engineering movement’s strong feelings EMOTIONS
Finish off light fluffy dessert also known as a Greek favourite MOUSSAKA
Guard detected getting hold of credit SCREEN
Inscription produced by boss happier about golf EPIGRAPH
It’s after the deadline for both sides in labour dispute LATE
Large quantities at the end of 15 across going to school OCEANS
Leaves home at present with no pants? TREE
Lodge with enclosure? INSERT
Made up legend for one that’s mostly relaxed MYTHICAL
Month before Ireland could use this to raise old tax OCTROI
One drawing people at a minor play ANIMATOR
One of the subjects reviews The Imposter outside the capital MATHS
Release the upsetting extremes of police record DROP
Retail problem at the opening of trading for one of those consumed by the books LITERATI
Spirits from island – a novel idea for Halloween GHOSTSTORY
Spreads the good news for one of those trying to tell others about job? EVANGELISM
Swimming competition on the banks of Gallipoli peninsula GALA
The final parts of the stories produced by 24 and 26 across TAILPIECES
Turns up, the foreign pitch overlooks resistance in Bastille? With this in hand, press ahead to season! SALTCELLAR
What the force did as a surprise to remove spice from rice paddies RAIDED
What to expect when you’ve finished walking the plank doesn’t amount to much (1,4,2,3,5) ADROPINTHEOCEAN