Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 4 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Celebrity ignoring a noted scientist LISTER
Charlie playing Henry for money CASH
Chaucer’s first poem needs deciphering CODE
Conscious feeling when missing motorway SENTIENT
Edge of iron clad hoop FRINGE
Evil demon put on feather – used to remain anonymous NOMDEPLUME
Expensive way to change one’s profile? COSMETICSURGERY
Hold generous old admiral FULLNELSON
Instrument for tramps to scrape off edges OBOE
Life after death? OBITUARY
Love is enough to hold back single suit ONESIE
Made millions inside and then got burned CREMATED
Man who composed Harlem Shuffle MAHLER
Old flame caught working for retired crminal EXCON
Pedant demands that one covers every iota! TITTLE
Politician in obvious statement of right wing politics TRUMPISM
Premises occupied by judge with single set of enviable neighbours THEJONESES
Sad at first but lightens up eventually BLUE
Skilled German retains record LEDGER
Sour mash occasionally creates problems SUMS
Spots expert inhaling nitrogen ACNE
Stray off route following directions initially DETOUR
Thin blue line switched around FILEDOWN
Trinket (gold) for one in good books BAUBLE
Union breaking up companies? It’s just the opposite DEMERGER
Western lawman carries protection against sound of gunfire? EARPLUGS
Work out one approach, lacking information UNTANGLE
You may need to do it if planning a getaway? TAKEFLIGHT

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