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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 5 2018

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Clues Answers
Advocate gets to do a job for the man upstairs PREACH
Bit of Palermo tortellini for the journey MOTOR
Cheesy type of bans coming out of Brisbane BRIE
Chip away at contents under boxer’s foot PAW
Consider anonymous people on Garda computer – that’s what someone looking for a breather might do (4,3’1,5) TAKEONESPULSE
Content to disturb a nuisance from the city URBAN
Daisy’s relative produced firm’s money orders COSMOS
Fair prize for absorbing the release of gas RIBBON
Has a greedy reputation, consuming last of the street party food make with sausage HOTDOG
In part, making a spectacle with empty talk GAS
Introduce foreign politician in Latin novel IMPLANT
Is making first appearance in Bois de Boulogne DEB
Is set-up by Stalin’s henchman in Russia SIBERIA
It’s a stumbling block for butcher’s rare rib BARRIER
It’s useless describing Old Nick NOGOOD
Judge or suspect? SURMISE
Not best pleased upsetting lover EROS
One in the eye for those in the Bari Risorgimento IRIS
One of those from the POD is currently with Penny in the Mediterranean SNOWPEA
Clues Answers
Part of the complexity is way out EXIT
Receipts from all sides today TAKE
Rudiment taken out of Bermuda Triangle – you’d need maths to understand that ALGEBRA
Serve up fresh starters of salad and wings in European capital WARSAW
Shocking ridiculous Nazi mag AMAZING
Short investigation by the bank’s expansion team EXAM
Some thermostat to outlet can be drawn in the parlour TATTOO
Some thought a restaurant is out of salt TAR
Sound derives from volume and moving dial VALID
Sounds like one of The Beatles is lucky and charming perhaps SCARAB
Start lying or turn in? (4,2,3’1,3) TAKETOONESBED
The eldest worker in firm ADAMANT
Try to persuade those in our generation URGE
Visit spa to film shots covering what’s in Adriatic for one TAKETHEWATERS
What the bank might expect you to do to give oneself a pat on the back? TAKETHECREDIT
What The Revenue wants from one accountant could be key to one of those looking for a pick-up in business TAXICAB
What’s the point financially of doctor’s medical? DECIMAL
Who cares Bill retires and goes with old Bob for a few drinks SODAS
Worry about what you might find on the sides of French breadbasket FRET