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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 5 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
Accommodation with lots of furniture for those in the haulage business FLATBEDS
An asset to someone in a jam is appreciated by the best footballers PERFECTPITCH
Arrange American music for film to pay someone back SETTLEASCORE
Cathy’s all at sea in pleasure crafts YACHTS
Crook’s party has chunky chips on the side with everything served up STAFFS
Gets Holly back into shape by cutting back on the Chardonnay? PRUNER
Girl left school with historical records ANNALS
Give out to OAP from Palo Alto ALLOT
Heads on beer in Gloucestershire and Cheshire produced by the main man BIGCHEESE
I did it at Oxford writing to heir apparent SUCCESSOR
It’s a revelation to one with great expectations trapped by wild hyena EPIPHANY
Keep an eye out for Labour offering to take another’s position FINDAJOB
Knocks back Pedro Ximenez in Irish river bar EXPEL
Looks for her cases all over the place SEARCHES
Oasis, managed by one behind bars? WATERINGHOLE
Part of study – to a certain degree, one has to defend it, of course DISSERTATION
Part of the statue found in doctor’s office TORSO
Pretend to cooperate by beach in Malaga and record musings about One Direction PLAYALONG
Sales talk to those characters at the end of 5 down PITCH
Serves up lentil recipe in the middle of party with lots of bacon, sausage and egg FRYUPS
Ships most of fish for Daisy’s relatives COASTERS
Shock waves from cabalists dismissing CIA BLASTS
Showed a documentary of Partition by writer SCREENED
Spirit to unravel anagram – that’s key ARMAGNAC
The bishop’s place overlooking front of parish church, in a manner of speaking SPEECH
The foreign sailor meets old judge to flesh it out ELABORATE
The issue with his novel – it’s slightly immature YOUNGISH
They keep an eye on the offspring of mature animals ADULTS