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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 5 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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A 4 down to use to clean 23 down, perhaps? SPONGE
A cheesy snack to have with ale in squalid surroundings. QUESADILLA
A twist revealed by 18 across. EDDY
At last Greta will be alone in this truly sylvan place. ARBOREAL
Biodegrade cayenne pepper inside this! DECAY
Eel squirms in bag on naturalist’s vessel. BEAGLE
Experiment at home, perhaps? DOMESTICSCIENCE
Get the boat in awkwardly. OBTAIN
I hear the weirdo used go there pretty often. FREQUENT
In small bites, 15 across might teach you to wash hands before you do this. FINGERFOOD
It will happen once this month, by chance not in church. INSTANCE
It’s horrific to do this to the blood but around fifty will be healed. CURDLE
It’s tiresome for a bee to go round and round. BORING
Know that, without his ring, the diamond-seller ran amok and went completely off the rails. TRAINWRECK
Mark the colour of the blocks here for printing. INKJET
Mix 24 across with dry egg for one who’ll eat anything and everything. GREEDYGUTS
Moves well, has balance to start with and is at least somewhat athletic. BALLETIC
Never start up with a ring of fire here, perhaps. OVEN
Pavarotti had mashed tuber with this! BUTTER
Plummy, and said to be a bit sluggish. SLOE
Rebellious Toby dyed his long jacket! TEDDYBOY
Remain on the road on the outskirts of Albany. STAY
Scatter ten around one bed, in observance of the rules. OBEDIENT
Shortening Tuesday! SUET
Spanish gent turns pale – he’s finished. DONEWITH
Sweet enough to relieve Bach of his backache. CAKE
The gamekeepers won’t speak about it but it will come out. EMERGE
Youthful Achilles had no seal on his plate. CHILDISH