Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 6 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Atlas had every map annotated neatly at first? HEMAN
Came on air stirring coffee AMERICANO
Chaps holding model work back, keeping it in the family NEPOTISM
Codebreaker scored with variations? ENIGMA
Crazy poseur prepared to accept bill PREPOSTEROUS
Delay support for robbery HOLDUP
Extract energy out to provide thrust DRIVE
Facility ships off stuff reportedly with bits unfinished LOOSEENDS
Girl visits famous Carnegie centres SIMONE
Good woman providing additional sex appeal around the local station? MOTHERTERESA
Got rid of sleeping area outside hotel BINNED
It’s clear son has no money SPOTLESS
Joins cause regularly, when expected ONCUE
Leftovers have Irish women in tears REMNANTS
Number two left team to find relaxing holiday location POOLSIDE
One advising section of Government organisation MENTOR
Plenty for Cuban and Dane to be excited about ABUNDANCE
Routine couple contribute to conventional play centre ACTTWO
Sailed around country that can provide drinking water DESALINATION
Set off to find film as part of present DETONATE
Soldier debriefed after going? COMMANDO
Sound horn beside hospital? Not everyone finds it sweet TOOTHSOME
Study complex contract CONDENSE
Superior swaps one for small detector SENSOR
Supremo jilted, conceals sign of how he’s feeling EMOJI
Teetering at the far end, I get nervous FAINTHEARTED
Type of girls who might strip off on dates? CALENDAR
Went wrong dropping up when prepared to fire COCKED

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