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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 7 2019

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Clues Answers
23 down is top secret to foolish people IDIOTS
Adjustable loud music from One Direction for Easter, for example MOVABLEFEAST
An ulterior motive for what hide-and-go-seek champion might have up his sleeve HIDDENAGENDA
Analysis of short holiday in Ulster BREAKDOWN
Architect releases her plan TACTIC
Cunning, youthful protester starts disturbances with Mediterranean islanders CYPRIOTS
Dodge beer from Berkshire SHIRK
Dopey is one gnome leaving in good time IDIOT
For example, weight training protects that yoke by the sound of it? EGGWHITE
Get going without it for Christmas drink EGGNOG
Giving out starters of baked enchiladas to a number of stars, for example BERATING
Got rid of the cold in snug WRAPPEDUP
Had a lot to say in Rome to pal getting out of police car CICERO
Had a nice wild Mexican ranch HACIENDA
Ignore ref going crazy with one from a national team that’s not ours FOREIGNER
It’s for the beloved runners getting away for the match ELOPEMENT
Line in dark passages stretched by one of those on the run CALVES
Love what’s found in bread? Oregano! ADORE
Moment old republic drops resistance to Spain is sweet MOUSSE
Novel about a household name opens The Road – the German translation AUTOBAHN
Olive and father among the titled few with the colourful Bells GREENPEPPERS
One father working in stable consumed by local money has a job looking after schoolchildren crossing the line LOLLIPOPLADY
Part of occupation for those getting a grilling? PATIO
Relates to deep-rooted reaction to nasty, vile scar VISCERAL
Shocked by a middleman replacing Oscar in spirit AGHAST
Some contrast – a Sisyphean period of inactivity STASIS
They’re responsible for the sketches of new pantries PAINTERS
View tiny clip from museum SPECTATE