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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 7 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
A plastic explosive produced by Moscow and Beijing CAPITALS
A tune Gore played to followers ENTOURAGE
American writer upsets editor in South Dakota temporarily out of work SUSPENDED
Connection to Samuel Beckett in Dublin, for instance BRIDGE
Cured starters of red, essential meats enwrapped and packed up? REMEDIED
Dine off Indian meal and fish ANIMAL
Do Trojan work for mystery man hidden by Hazel Back EXERT
Farewell to colourful type on the radio in Australia ADIEU
Formal account of The Epistles, for example, in New Testament STATEMENT
Former church novice provided credit for what’s outstanding EXCELLENT
Goes fifty-fifty with more than one starting 5 down SHARES
Has a mind to study one of those professions that go over some peoples’ heads perhaps PSYCHIATRIST
Hearing covers up marketing ploy – it leads to nervous uncertainty SUSPENSE
Hemmed in small songbird caught in outbuilding STITCHED
In the autumn, one cold could be infectious SEPTIC
Labs seem uncomplicated to construct ASSEMBLE
Lost the head – went for it and left a lasting impression ETCHED
One of The Greens produced Dublin coddle SIDEDISH
Returns to select ground ELECTS
S?le gets up after writing to hotel with gusto RELISH
Sly idiot confused by firm state SOLIDITY
Small, fast runner from Nairobi, for example, in Equity? SHARECAPITAL
Steady on? The Paper has financial statement that includes 5 down! BALANCESHEET
Swinger’s type of joint? HINGE
The sun is responsible for this scourge for farmers starting off LIGHT
Turns up, Arab prince is cold, crude and in violation of the Geneva Convention WARCRIME
Type of pitch for football coach – the one responsible for the team’s results after making the most of promotion SALESMANAGER
What was the function of The Gathering? SOCIAL