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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 7 2022 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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A colourful goddess to have in one’s sight. IRIS
A lock of hair gave Romeo a peculiar tingle. RINGLET
A mix of endless games at last for the French mother back there. AMALGAM
As idyllic and peaceful as any loch could be. HALCYON
Bag taken to Lech on Saturday by mistake. SATCHEL
Black and sticky but I’ve heard a second helping goes well with fish. TAR
Carelessly train, for example, with something so heavy. GRANITE
Criminal Assets Bureau in here puts the squeeze on high flyers. CABINPRESSURE
Does the Dude abide by this in west Los Angeles? LAW
Eva’s doing this to build reserves. SAVEUP
Finally, a good egg turns up with a golden heart and a device to measure what’s on all sides today. PRESSUREGAUGE
Guide to Mr Poe’s badly built abode, perhaps? USHER
It’s an old story, like the operatic start of 34 across, perhaps? SAGA
It’s hard to make a scene. SET
It’s low down to begin with coercion from all sides. UNDERPRESSURE
Large garment, perhaps, sometimes found at 26 down for entertainment. BIGTOP
Longfellow restricts movement. BOA
Look to the southeast at sunrise, perhaps, for this layer of gold. SEAM
No romanticist lies about art. REALIST
One might find metals amongst the dying embers on the beach. ASHORE
Oscar writes melody outside. OPENAIR
Police arranged to take cut from plutocrat. PATROL
Possible setting for ‘The Barber of Seville’ to be revealed in rehearsal onstage. SALON
Refrain from commenting on stomach mark. ABSTAIN
Responsibility felt by famous star to return to ring. ONUS
Rolled this around and covered the cake. DICE
See through the French and the heartless Normans. LENS
She sings the alternative start of 34 across. ALTO
Shortly, the doctors will escape the dust storm. That’s extreme. UTMOST
Sweet account of feelings kept hidden. TOFFEE
The smaller university in the French capital may be far off but we’ll find some amusement there. FUNFAIR
This might go up when you’re 9 down or violently repulsed by drunken boors. BLOODPRESSURE
This might hide Hera’s error! ERASER
Thomas Mann loses head and travels around Lech in a deeply groovy way. CHANNEL
Turn up to take the water here at the end of June in the Abbey, perhaps. APSE
Unlucky one makes up endless resolutions. LOSER
Wash mandarin seeds inside. RINSE
We must return to start school in the capital of Ecuador, though we might like to avoid it. ESCHEW