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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 8 2019

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Clues Answers
Associate in Rush is not forgotten REMEMBERED
Checked out to take a trip around Germany EXPLORED
Company of Irishmen starting manoeuvres FIRM
Covers the bun with a slice of Red Leicester ICES
Creationist has no taste for what’s sarcastic IRONIC
Dare me to run in middle of the road? MODERATE
Endless wine from narrow range of hills is best consumed early in the day PORRIDGE
Engineer consumed by butane explosion is not the first to not have found a match UNBEATEN
Evidently dismisses DIT in a balanced way EVENLY
Go from Billy to Jack in desperation to do the deal for small car GETTHERUNAROUND
Got rid of politician over losing the head with sheriff’s men TOSSED
Had lunch from open range with women in factory – who is supplying the Adam’s Ale? WATERWORKS
Had the bit between one’s teeth as revolutionary got married CHEWED
Is this the type of cover we all have for leap out of ski-plane? SKIN
It’s a strange bird who only makes an appearance at certain times CUCKOO
It’s fundamental to the inner set INHERENT
It’s the power of moving crazy, local proposal LOCOMOTION
Like some amusement parks in Rialto rejected by Maitre d’hotel THEMED
Louis I of Naples leads one of those with pride LION
Peer’s question for Unionist leader in sale scheme EQUALS
Popular backing in Press to teach someone a lesson PUNISH
Reproaches president getting to twist a number of yarns in America UPBRAIDS
Roger’s Omen adapted in a number of theatres for the actors not currently working on stage GREENROOMS
Savages area in tenement housing going all the way back MAULS
Some revolutionary lower class of ship’s company CREW
Took in the meeting of escort and writer ATTENDED
Women left unwelcome hint CLUE
Writer gets stuck into what the chef is providing for the scout’s knapsack PENKNIFE