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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 8 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
Bear in mind one of the team is after one of those flipping Wards REMEMBER
Box with crackers, brie – was that pulled out for the First Lady? SPARERIB
Church workers produced music for The Abbey CHANTS
Computer storage at the end of 15 across MEMORY
Crucial sources of Vitamin C in fruit KEYLIMES
English beers, including golf, welcomed by the swingers, of course EAGLES
Foams out of false bottom in plastic container BOTTLE
Harvey left heavyhearted and inflamed with passion HEATED
Head of thyme found among fresh herbs in beds BERTHS
It’s about 21 down put back on the range REHEATED
It’s beyond mature for Romeo to remove intro on last letters to sweetheart OVERRIPE
Keeps in mind more than one of those in 7 down, in a similar sense COMMITSTOMEMORY
Out of order gates ready to go from play area STAGESET
Part of Somerset advertisement for return of fruit DATES
Pledge to most of those opening 15 across COMMIT
Project leader gets to brief Man-with-a-Van PRIMEMOVER
Salt solution and aggregate from French sea produced back in July, a year ago LASTSUMMER
Set off Maltese or Indian? MEAL
Shakes Diana’s very dry champagne served up with starter of scallops DISTURBS
Sleight of hand from wise guys and leading criminal MAGI
Some populist unfortunate from Knock STUN
Spud serves up drink with a measure of acidity for Fourth of July MURPHY
Take a hike locally, for example, around square and get twisted GETKNOTTED
Training hub for The Boys in Blue and for those worshipping their idols, to a greater extent TEMPLEMORE
Turns up, it’s wrong according to the judge to run TROT
Unadvisable to get rid of landaus or that’s the vague feeling VIBE
Writing on the wall up in Stone Mountain OMEN
You’re unlikely to forget those in short viral phenomenon with British politicians losing the head MEMORIES