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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 9 2018

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Clues Answers
A path from the estate leads to playground not associated with those at home AWAYGAME
A question of procedure abandoned in ship by posers SHOWOFFS
Americans dismiss sin of film producer? CAMERA
Behind the scenes around the edges working on the production of The Queen BEES
Bristles at review in diocese SETAE
Car instalment in The Paper TISSUE
Caretakers with no career or piece of work TASK
Crossbreed, for one, getting new start working in the stable sets the record straight? MIXINGROOM
Flying off the shelves with nuts, colas and something to liven up the barbecue HOTCOALS
For that competitive, childish lot handling the records, Spud is Irish POTATORACE
Guess you can expect the homemaker to arrive at this? ESTIMATE
Iranian neighbour provides a party for Chinese ethnic group AFGHAN
Is not late taking flights with the meal deals? EARLYBIRDS
Novel might need to be developed by Frenchman from The Irish Times, for example NEWSITEM
Clues Answers
Part underneath aircraft, in a manner of speaking THAI
Penny passed on awful flu to dishy sort, of course PLATEFUL
Poses a question for most of those from 24 down at school ASKS
Revolutionary leader gets to draw the line of borders TONE
Running, rowing and adventure at centre need to be cut back, as they can be a problem for pedestrians INGROWNTOENAILS
Scare a crazy emperor CAESAR
Senior type from Bar finds 500 in court attire HEADBAND
Takes care of eccentric art set TREATS
Top material in tables designed with foremost traditional sort from the kitchen LAMBSTEW
Tossed salad without sea salt for Casino patrons ODDS
Train trips around Spain with father figure PRIEST
What the butcher is selling with boar from Baton Rouge TONGUE
What you’d expect from 12 across is unquestioning devotion BLINDFAITH
Where one may paint a picture of where someone is living STUDIO