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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 9 2020 – Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
A cold lifeless place in the dead centre of hospital MORGUE
A growing concern for some widows of cardinals? GARDENSPIDERS
Alec’s out of Muscatels and freshly pressed juice MUST
Awful danger for rugby players producing their interpretations of Flower of Scotland, for instance GARDENCENTRES
Blog entry of actor and leading character from Dracula ACCOUNT
Caught, warmed up and sold down the river CHEATED
Club bar overlooks a fair amount of the town BATON
Competed for place in gym on Open Day PLAYED
Concealed by Jo Davidson back working in the opera house DIVA
Cotton fabric from port on Capri, for example LISLE
Escort is well off from the start USHER
Fatherly relative of Terence leaving dead centre DAD
Found in cardamoms served up with bananas? MAD
Goes over again to 5 down on bender REREADS
Had another look at grenadier spitting out gin REREAD
Has a reputation for exposing type of philosophy that’s not in favour of cover-up NUDISM
Institute in Shannon close to a nice part of the world? RIVIERA
Local gear produced by Dublin runner DRUG
Made a profit getting rid of prams from departments NETTED
Neighbours consume spirit with the foreign beef GRUMBLE
Nigella drops in for kosher? LEGAL
One of the farming types supports Partition STUD
One of those on the phone to crew members from Alien HANDSET
Parks for all sides today GARDENS
Plot with most of the characters in 14 down GARDEN
Pointed the finger at copper involved in new case leading to detention ACCUSED
Pose a question after gangster goes AWOL heading for American State ALASKA
Precious stone dug up in part of summertime garden GEM
Reservations over lawyer bearing extremely short hair STUBBLE
Reviews broadcast, for example, from the foreign country on the Mediterranean ALGERIA
Saw stuff covered up by beleaguered US Treasury DUST
Some mispronounced names of genetic stuff DNA
Starts eating with Teresa from ringside seat DIGSIN
Storage facility for kid’s play DISK
The Greens – possibly in a jam? GARDENPRODUCE
The joker from No 10 CARD
Upset, tease and study groups of politicians with numerous outdoor events GARDENPARTIES
Works in 21 across opening 27 down DIGS