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Irish Times (Crosaire) – May 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
Awestruck, head academic turned page. AGAPE
Cavort with traitor at restaurant. TRATTORIA
Clark gets eggs in August and carelessly stows them here. LUGGAGERACKS
Composer works at it around midday. NOTATION
Crazy geese on LSD have no boundaries. EDGELESS
Cut the end off the film I’d returned to make. DIVIDE
Direct one to channel, orally. STRAIGHT
Drunken, draining boor is pressing one by the sound of it. IRONINGBOARD
Gets level from studio cue, by the sound of it. FLATLINE
Goes round and round or back and forth. ROTOR
I hear Angelica bit into one in caf?. BEATIFIC
Idle tuner goes off briefly, during performance. INTERLUDE
Initially sharp, perhaps? LETTEROPENER
It’s hard to play guitar this way without assistance. SINGLEHANDED
It’s said these are wrongs committed in sea inlets or areas drained by rivers. BASINS
It’s usual to wear white for this Argentinian dance in Clare. TENNIS
Plans to travel about from top to bottom of Italy by train, capriciously. ITINERARY
Reportedly pared nib back within a year. BINARY
Review about former Austrian leader belongs to me. REEXAMINE
Shocking and revealing Buena Vista series. TASER
Shrewd to use last substitute as player. ASTUTE
Snakes start getting into one and increase in quantity. ADDITION
Strong wind in Irish capital moves quickly. AGILE
Such counselling might uncage id by mistake. GUIDANCE
Swallow might sing with swift, finally, at the end of June. INGEST
This might destroy outfit – use 14 across instead. MANGLE
Turns out the little sister of the poet and painter here wrote many academic pieces. ESSAYIST
Will find food here but might take outside of a year, roughly. EATERY