Irish Times (Crosaire) – Nov 10 2018

Clues Answers
‘Yes Men’ dismiss head of state in Asian country YEMEN
A measure of the gold ale off the ? la carte CARAT
Alternatives to tritium in prepared poison OPTIONS
Bit of breakfast undercooked served up with crackers NUTS
Censor describes the bad stuff from Partition CUTOFF
Comes about as a consequence of head endeavouring to take a case in school ENSUES
Communiqu? coming from shambles on Midway, for example, looking back MESSAGE
Detained missing Dane with job on the paper EDIT
Devil joins a saint from Order in the process of painting IMPASTO
Doctor Erasmus is a hands-on type of person who reduces the tension MASSEUR
Edited Dead Men Walking? AMENDED
Five-ninths of the posers in The Odyssey? QUEST
Foes and nuisances scandalising leader’s supporters FANS
Get a glimpse of Croft getting off scot-free SEE
Heartless woman from the 1920s and 1930s, for instance AGES
Hostile to a Gallic novel GLACIAL
In league with boy released by Old Bailey ALLIED
It’s an angle to extract from support literature review TILT
It’s morally wrong for women’s group to take weekend in Clare and Dublin WICKED
Knocks back sample of alcohol somewhere in European capital OSLO
Lay off principal percussionist in Cork Symphony Orchestra offering chorus from the Caribbean CALYPSO
Manage one of those on the door of nightclub, for instance HANDLE
Mishit shot in Panama and others ISTHMI
Nothing at dinner is eaten for breakfast OATMEAL
One of the family characters in background admonished DAD
Opens for Coldplay, Genesis, INXS in the SFX CGI
Primate rejects all drink from English novice LEMUR
Received rap on knuckles for showing off Togo to party – it’s not to be taken seriously GOTOFFLIGHTLY
Ring secretary from the heart of Albuquerque, as it’s not clear OPAQUE
Road, etc., designed in the 1920s ARTDECO
Roger saw the light GOTTHEMESSAGE
Secured a private road and avoided a tantrum presumably (3,3’1,3,3) GOTONESOWNWAY
Segment of the Metallica showstopper from the capital CASH
The penny dropped going around on holiday – the funny one from hotel didn’t have to pay! GOTAWAYWITHIT
Tips on back of envelope by one of those down the pits OBOE
Warming to hotel taking all the food perhaps? HEATING
Wash your mouth out with local drink GARGLE
Womaniser is thrown out of housewarming with squeeze HUG

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