Irish Times (Crosaire) – Nov 14 2018

Clues Answers
Adam perhaps is in on the plot GARDENER
Cancelled withdrawals by the three banks for the man-made flowers? CANALS
Check out Shakespearean character on the radio LEER
Criminal leaders seizing one thousand green gems EMERALDS
Crowd responsible for 24 across, for instance BAND
Describe a transgression buried in Pulse BEAT
Don’t bring any attention to Gore in trouble IGNORE
Donors freely welcome work at park in the spring garden SNOWDROP
Everyone retiring in Crete movement can hold their drink historically CELLARET
Fair amount of celebrity opponents providing access to Charles de Gaulle, for one ARRIVALS
Guaranteed Irish loans arranged around Gulf SLOGAN
Hasn’t got a penny from writing agent BROKER
It’s for fighting dementia initially in hospital WARD
It’s permitted to get a job in the bar LEGALPROFESSION
It’s taken from relatives for show REVEAL
Lad presumably has a job opening it for firm on the way out STABLEDOOR
Let out pressure first, if you don’t mind PLEASE
Make modifications to direction on green light for the other half ALTEREGO
Opens gin for party boss – it’s an unbelievable spirit GHOST
Part of package deal for mature wine, perhaps AGED
Part of the scuba reconnaissance is exposed BARE
Proof of what 15 across either supports or rebuts EVIDENCE
Scrap value including 6 down, for example, the old showy type VAUDEVILLE
Spokesman for champion ADVOCATE
Used by 14 across to get rid of intruders with pot that could be the death of you WEEDKILLER
Wild lovers pine for underworld boss? EVILPERSON
Without a doubt, it’s a meeting about drugs REALLY
Won’t allow a bad word said against anyone on screen and is bound to clean up CENSOR

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